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Meet VERONICA DANGERFIELD Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live Ambassador for Financial Compassionate Education.

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By WEE Global Live Blogger Paloma Alcantar

Veronica Dangerfield has an enthusiasm that is riveting. It will grab your mind, ignite your soul, and fatten your wallet.  She is a Financial Educator for Patelco Credit Union, an award-winning international speaker, a published poet, and a professional comedienne. What you will remember most about Veronica’s presentations is how much fun you had learning. 

She has won numerous awards for her work as a financial educator including. In 2017, she was awarded the "Credit Union Rock Star Award" and a national award called "Desjardins" twice for her contributions to adult financial literacy. As a philanthropist, she supported the Bay Area Crisis Nursery for six years producing and performing in an annual Mother’s Day Comedy Show. She has taught financial literacy for 18 years at UC Berkeley, Cal State University East Bay, San Francisco State University, Diablo Valley College, and Sierra Junior College as well as dozens of high schools and nonprofit organizations throughout the state. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Sacramento State University.

Veronica is an avid traveler, the mother of three, and a committed to life-long learning.  She believes that in order to achieve financial prosperity people need to understand the emotional impact of money. The practice of compassion and forgiveness is vital to changing and adjusting to new financial behaviors.

What was your inspiration?

My inspiration is love and compassion for all women. 

I love women, they suffer from a lack of self-compassion in a world of no mercy. Especially when it comes to their finances. I love teaching, researching, humor and performing. I combine all of my passions and change the world with refreshing knowledge. 

What change would you like to see reflected in the world in favor of women?

Equal pay for Equal work! It is institutionalized and had to be challenged.  Fairness with retirement. Women lose 9 years' worth of investing when they leave the labor force to caretaking. Therefore, women should be compensated for the time they spend caring for their families and neighbors. We suffer when we don’t invest or invest too conservatively. We live longer than men but run out of money due to limited savings and a long life span. Employers should bring back pensions.  We need to emphasize the importance of saving aggressively for retirement in middle school and throughout our educational system. 

What would be the advice you give to any woman who knows that she needs a change in her life?

Be fiercely compassionate to yourself and do not let ANYONE tell you who you are and what you can do. PLAN! Plan for retirement, having children and self-sufficiency. No matter what happens to you-you can transcend and win. Stay connected to your women friends and maintain that Community. It will save you. You are Beloved. 


Give us your power word:

Love-it can change everything 

Your 2020 1st step is:

Step into empowerment lifting all people out of the darkness of mental poverty and scarcity into the light of abundance and prosperity. 

You have to make a first good impression, what is your go-to outfit or charming default trait?

I am positive energy, my heart is a torch that lights up a room with transformational potential. All I have to do is breathe! 

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