Bridging the intersectionality of doing business as women and bringing to the forefront discussions/resolution regarding economic empowerment among women (15-65) and allies from different industries, social, cultural, language, and financial backgrounds.


A live, one day, simulcast global event​

that enhances the visibility and importance of women's economic empowerment (WEE) and encourages ongoing global discussions and actions.​

2020 ONE-Global Day of Action!

The WEE Global Live team is back for its 3rd Global Day of Action for Women's Economic Empowerment raising visibility accountability for results.


We partnered with leaders in the MENA region to host in Morocco! Due to COVID19 we were forced to postpone, but details are coming soon about our online activities. Stay tuned.  


Empower Women is a project of UN Women that began in 2013. Roxana Damas is one of the selected 2016/2017 Champions for Change to promote the EW platform. The WEE Global Live Event is a campaign designed by Roxana Damas as her championship for the UN Empower Women Project. She joined forces in 2017 with coordinating partners from her consulting firm Diversity RD Global, Maica Gil of Heroikka, and Galvanize to launch this first women's economic empowerment global campaign. 


2017 WEE Global Live took our team like a storm and catapulted us to continue our WEE work in Morocco, various events in the U.S., Latin America, and Africa. This activity led us to partner with both UN Empower Women Champions and many leaders focused on this topic including live casts on social media sharing tips, expertise, and showing support to women around the world developing their financial success and of their communities. Many of our partners used our platform to help them share, grow, and request support for their projects and others received various recognition and opportunities through our network. After all the excitement and positive response from our first event, we knew that we had helped create space and visibility for women that were missing reaching over 95,000 virtually to engage and sharing their stories, 27 speakers from different industries, and 7 Satellite sites globally. What was most astonishing is that this entire production was designed and executed within 27 days as this was part of a championship challenge.



The Problem: The lack of discussions regarding economic empowerment among women and allies from different industries, social, cultural, language, and financial backgrounds. This lack results in isolation and loss of opportunities for women to develop leadership & influence the world of business and economic structures that ultimately impacts women’s safety, business, leadership, and financial gap.


This project seeks to solve the absence of ongoing mainstream conversations about women’s economic empowerment (WEE) by hosting a one-day global live streaming event (in person) with multiple simultaneous virtual mini events or small discussions hosted in 15 cities around the U.S. and the world led by key partners. The emphasis is to bring visibility and to encourage in-depth discussion about WEE. This project will help create the space for women and allies who do not regularly interact or have discussions globally to build awareness about women in business, economic empowerment, intersectionalities, and best practices.


The 2018 WEE Global Live Tour 

All the great response and enthusiasm led our team to confirm that WEE Global Live would become Diversity RD Global yearly - Signature event and it's own project platform for 2018! Based on the requests and needs identified, we found it critical to have a non-profit partner that can help provide ongoing and much needed support to women around the world who miss out on opportunities for lack of funds to network or attend workshops that uplift the women's economic empowerment agenda.

2018 WEE Global Live
1. Hosted 2018 Global Live Leadership Brunches in the Summer and Fall 2018
2. Grew our partnership opportunities to have year-round programming
3. Took the WEE Global Message on the Road
4. Increase Satellite Sites and Visibility


The 2019 2nd WEE Global Live Events 

On April 30th, 2019, the WEE Global Live team partnered with Microsoft Reactor SF, Women's Leadership Live, Saint Mary's College of CA, Patelco, Where Women Work Magazine, Heritage Bank of Commerce  United Nations Association East Bay, and many more leaders around the world to host our 2nd Global Day of Action for Women's Economic Empowerment raising visibility accountability for results. We connected with thousands of women and fellow UN Empower Women Champions around the world and met with so many in person at our headquarter event. Check out the video and photos.

We hosted a follow-up event with our Bay Area partners and Ambassador to bring awareness to gender violence prevention in November with VIVA Women.  This event also focused on the planning for our involvement with the 2020 Beijing+25 anniversary with U. N. Women. 

2019 brought many amazing partnerships including:

Launching our bilingual blog

Native Business Women Video Series

Crowdfunding partnership Ulule

Bookstore supporting WEE ambassadors



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