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Join us at The Girl Summit Panel

Blog By: WEE Global Live Intern Maritsa Duarte and WEE Founder Roxana Damas

In support of the International Day of the Girl, on October 29th, 2020, WEE Global Live is co-hosting a panel with The Girl Summit, by Ananke Magazine: "Changemaking Enroute to Innovation Emerging Tech & Modern Economy." We put front and center a group of strong leaders breaking the barriers to discuss their stories and roles in uplifting the next generation of Women in Tech, Innovation, and Leadership around the world. (Details to register for the event below).

It is no surprise, that women make up a small percentage in tech, film, and many other leading fields, so what does that mean for the upcoming generation of girls? How have women and girls' lack of access to education and leadership roles during the pandemic highlighted the importance of creating change? Our panel brings the perspective of women in Latin America, the U.S., India, and the MENA region from diverse professional backgrounds to begin this conversation. On this day, October 29th, we also honor The Latina Equal Pay Day by featuring Latinx women from the U.S.

The panelists will discuss their roads to building a better foundation for young girls wanting to enter the tech field, how important is to include girls in innovation in various industries, and the emerging economy. Meet the panelist and WEE Global Live Ambassadors selected for the panel. Led by our founder and U.N. Empower Women Champion Roxana Damas.


Natalia Ruiz, is an entrepreneur, author, and co-founder of Girls Lead Summit a peer to peer mentorship program for girls 8-14 years old, and Dynmk Studio, a Digital Marketing agency that serves brands that are committed to making the world a better place through their products and services.

Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Natalia came to the United States when she was 14 years old. She went on to become an Art Director in a big advertising firm and quickly realized the rampant gender disparity within the industry which sparked her passion for closing the equality gap and empowering girls around the world.

When she is not helping brands combine their purpose with a profit or inspiring girls to unlock their limitless potential, you can find her meditating in front of the ocean or singing for her electronic duo Uniison.

“ Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels fall by 30%. At 14, when girls are hitting their low, boys’ confidence is still 27 percent higher. And the effects can be long-lasting. (“The Confidence Code for Girls” – Statistics collected by Ypulse, a polling firm that focuses on tweens and teens).

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Neelam Tewar is a strategy, visibility, and optimization consultant to corporations and impact-focused entrepreneurs, creatives, and HNWIs around the world. She's a two times TEDx speaker and works on youth empowerment, skill development initiatives with government, policymakers, and educational institutions by way of her organization, YouthMojo. She hosts 'words and voices' podcast with awesome humans elevating humanity in different, interesting ways. You can find her on:

"Let's change the global education system for girls."


Denise Soler Cox is an award-winning Latina filmmaker and cultural storyteller, Denise is dedicated to helping people transform how we experience the culture, identity, and what it means to belong. She’s built a reputation for being a speaker who has the rare ability to shine a light on a sensitive and often ignored topic with extraordinary clarity, honesty, and humor. She has been the featured speaker in places like Facebook, LinkedIn, YELP, KPMG, Microsoft, The Smithsonian Latino Center, The Gap, Yale University, Wellesley College, Google, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, and VaynerMedia to name a few. Denise is also a 2 time TEDx speaker.

Project Eñye Website -

Self-ish Latina Podcast -

Eñye Dream Accelerator™ -


Gema Landaverde

With more than 17 years of professional career, highlighting specialization in Cybersecurity, Certified in Security Management Systems (ISO 27001) and Ethical Hacking (CEH). Experience with the Finance Industry, currently focused on Threat Intelligence, Cybersecurity research and Analytics, Secure Development of Mobile and Web Applications, Security Architecture, Cybersecurity Strategies for Banking Platforms, and Support for the Economic Empowerment of Women and their participation in Technology. The active bug bounty hunter and a huge fan of hacking challenges.


"Maria Ismaili born in 1988 in Morocco. She is the founder of Misfresh Export and Import Company and senior analyst at the Moroccan Capital Market Authority.

She holds a Masters in Finance from Newcastle University in the UK and a Bachelors in Business Administration from Willamette University in the USA and Al Akhawayn University in Morocco."

  • 5.8 Million refugees are children in the MENA region

  • 14.3 million children remain out of school across the MENA region.

The Middle East and North Africa have the greatest concentration of humanitarian needs in the world, with two Level 3 emergencies in the Syrian Arab Republic and Yemen and many countries facing protracted conflicts, civil unrest, and/or political transition.

Mariem Mimouni, a Tunisian ambitious girl who has been engrossed in the technology field from a young age. She was one of the youngest participants in Technovation 2015, a challenge that inspires girls to solve real-world problems through technology.

At the age of fifteen, she was chosen to be among the first coaches' generation in the Tunisian educative association "First Skills Club". She aimed to transmit to her mentees the skills she has gained and inspire them to make a change in their communities. Currently, she is a Supervising Coach at First Skills Club. Her role is to provide guidance and support to the new coaches and help them acquire the coaching strategies.

She was nominated as the youngest WEE (Woman's Economics Empowerment) Global Live champion and ambassador for Girls in Tech.

She is also a member of the Tunisian National Team of Robotics that won a gold medal, added to three other awards in the FIRST Global Challenge 2018.

Mariem is dreaming to become a computer science engineer. Therefore, she is pursuing her higher education at the Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies of Sfax. Her goal is to help more youth find their passion, develop self-confidence, and make an impact locally and internationally.

Martha Hernandez is the CEO and Founder of madeBos, a tool that empowers employees to drive their own careers through our step by step action plan, influencer collaboration and talent and passion best fit career assessment.

Martha has a successful track record strategizing and delivering critical human capital initiatives, technical implementations, and integrations. Martha has served in several Talent Acquisition and Talent Management and Sales leadership roles for organizations such as Coro, Give Something Back, Mi Pueblo Food Centers, Inner City Advisors' Talent Management Initiative, and most recently, she was Save Mart Supermarkets' Director of Talent Acquisition.

Martha received her Bachelors in Sociology and Spanish Literature from Occidental College is a graduate of the Mills College Institute for Civic Leadership Program, Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, and Avion Ventures.

Martha is passionate about access to opportunity, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

IG @marthasoledadsol

Twitter @marthasoledad

Roxana Damas, U.N. Empower Woman Champion and Founder of WEE Global Live will be moderating the panel. She is a San Francisco native who was raised in both El Salvador and San Francisco and is the founder and CEO of RGD Enterprises, Inc. She has been committed to the betterment of small businesses, nonprofits, corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, economic empowerment, bridging the digital divide, language access, and community engagement programs. She established RGD to achieve that vision. Roxana’s vision is that her business and civic efforts will support individual and community transformations. As a result of years of investing in socially responsible consulting work, she has started the non-profit Alquimia Global to help those most in need through a non-profit humanitarian model.

She is a public speaker, author, and singer-songwriter. Roxana holds a Master’s in Business Administration with an emphasis in Trans-Global Social Sustainable Business from Saint Mary’s College of California, a Bachelor’s Degree in Women & Gender Studies with a minor in Globalization Studies (specializing in trade, fashion, communications, policy, and populations exposed to violence and war) from the University of California- Davis, and double AA degrees in Psychology and Liberal Studies. She has been trained and certified by top United Nations humanitarian leaders like Dr. Monica Sharma top trainers in Transformational Leadership.

During this time of global transformation to our systems due to the pandemic, it is a critical that women and girls are at the decision table for innovation. It is time to ignite the discussion, develop the strategy, and keep each other accountable to make change happen. ~ Roxana Damas

You can connect with Roxana:

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