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Meet Mary Brodie Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live Ambassador for Women in Business and Tech (Texas).

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By WEE Global Live Blogger Paloma Alcantar

Mary Brodie is an experience strategist who has been helping companies create memorable customer experiences for more than 20 years. Throughout her career and while at her company, Gearmark, she led teams in enterprises and startups that contributed to the bottom line. She worked on apps, websites, content strategy, and lead gen programs. Mary attended MIT and graduated from Simmons University (BA and MA) and IE University in Madrid (executive master's in corporate communication). She lives in Dallas, Texas.

What was the inspiration in your life to writing this book?

Originally, I didn’t plan to write a book. I was going to write a 10-page white paper. But as I kept working on it, it kept growing. I wanted to share with executives what I have been observing for years about automation in business. They often treat automation as if it were a side activity when in fact they are putting their business online, allowing customers and prospects easier access to it. All of it. When businesses became global, the customer became less involved in the business itself. But with the rise of automation, customers are now actively part of a company’s community. The relationship you have with customers, that sense of community, is what brings you revenue. This has always been true, but we have forgotten this with business growth. This book explores how business really is about relationship building and revenue is one output from it, along with engagement, loyalty, accountability, and brand. The problem is that we have no way to fully measure those other outputs to measure the quality of our relationships. Imagine if we had them available. Imagine if we could compare those relationship metrics to revenue. That’s very powerful.

What change would you like to see reflected in the world in favor of women?

This is challenging because there are so many possibilities. I think the most influential across the board would be redefining what marriage is. I think that is the most limiting cultural construct for women. Societies that have child marriages often remove any possibility for women to live a life outside of childbearing and raising a family. Some cultures require women to marry and make the home their primary focus. Often in these societies, the men are 100% responsible to finance their family life. This means women often don’t earn money or contribute to their families financially, and because they aren’t earning money, their work is seen as less valuable. That is not true, but it is the perception. This perception allows for all types of abuses because the woman is perceived as being “less than.” Economic empowerment is key for women to be taken seriously in any society. Ironically, when a woman earns money in her family, this income often improves everyone’s status and standing. Additionally, a woman should be able to earn money for herself to have freedom from being controlled. You could say that many cultures and societies don’t use marriage as a point of connection between men and women, but as a tool to control women and their role and activities. If the perceptions around marriage were removed or changed globally, imagine the potential women could have in the world.

What would be the advice you give to any woman who knows that she needs a change in her life?

Change is uncomfortable, but often necessary. However, it rarely makes sense to drop everything to make a change. That can be very risky on many levels. Learn how to make gradual changes. It will help financially and will help you maintain your own image of yourself. When you don’t keep up with how you view yourself, you may be underestimating your value. This could result in choosing the wrong job, not asking for enough pay, or de-valuing yourself in a relationship.

(Book: Revenue or Relationships? WIN BOTH)


Give us your power word:

Love. For me, 2020 is about learning how to perpetually love others and let it flow through me.

Your 2020 1st step is:

Promote my book.

You have to make a first good impression, what is your go-to outfit or charming default trait?

My charming traits are my smile and listening skills. I love learning about other people and their lives. I’m a very curious person. You could say I’m a nosy person too. My sense of humor is another character trait I use to help people feel at ease around me.

My favorite outfit is attached. I love that dress.

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