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Welcome Sonia Hassey WEE Global's 2020 Ambassador Lead

Blog By: Paloma Alcantar

Get to know Sonia Hassey this year's lead ambassador for WEE Global Live.

Sonia Hassey is President and Founder of Women Inspired Network Inc. and Destiny Women Global Leadership, a women's transformational leadership program empowering women to become heart-driven leaders.

Sonia Hassey is President and Founder of Women Inspired Network Inc. and Destiny Women Global Leadership, a women's transformational leadership program empowering women to become heart-driven leaders.

Sonia is a Certified Life Purpose Coach from Dream University, a Dale Carnegie graduate.

International Best Selling Author of the book, Butt Naked Leadership, and Best Selling Author/ Compiler of Destiny Talks, and Co-author of book Catch Your Star.

Sonia's programs have been attributed to driving significant transformation at the personal and organizational level, measurable by exponential increases in confidence, clarity of direction, clarity of goals, clarity of purpose, goal attainment, and revenue increase.

Ms. Hassey has been a supporter of WEE Global Live since its first event and has remained active as a collaborator throughout 2019. She was selected as part of the coordinating team for 2020 Morocco and Egypt for her continued active participation and dedication to women's leadership. Despite the pandemic, Sonia maintained her positive energy and commitment to be productive, leading activities for our team of ambassadors and champions. Her ongoing enthusiasm for checking in with our coordinators to continue our 2020 plans confirmed she was the best person for the job to kick off our 2nd 2020 strategies.

Roxana Damas founder of WEE Global Lived shared, “we are thrilled to have Sonia become part of our leadership team and see how her passion and enthusiasm reach WEE partners worldwide.” Her role will be as a dedicated liaison with Ambassadors and Champions to participate in the 2020 WEE Global Live goals. She will assist Roxana in streamlining the process and improving communication with ambassadors. Roxana and the coordinating team will focus on their strategic plan and event coordination. "The ongoing communication with our ambassadors is one of the most important parts of this project. I honestly have had a hard time deciding to delegate this aspect of the project, and I will still be in touch, but I know I couldn't leave you in better hands. Sonia is the best kind of support you can have. She is a natural leader, one of the most enthusiastic cheerleaders, and dedicated to impacting change for women around the world," said Roxana.


Sonia shares her experience, and vision for Women's Economic Empowerment Global Live ambassadors

When she came to the first WEE Global Live event in San Francisco two years ago, she felt amazed. "I was very inspired by the diversity of women leaders from all around the world coming together sharing their cause for economic change and building partnerships," said. At that moment, she knew then she wanted to be a part of the change for women's empowerment globally.

Her greatest inspiration now is to build a global community as lead ambassador. She wants to give all participants a safe platform to build virtual communities, using this outlet to build strong partnerships, find solutions, build visibility, have a strong support system, share ideas, creativity and build a better future.

" As women joining forces, we can rock the world together!" with this inspiring quote, Sonia has encouraged women all around the country. She also believes that these unprecedented times have left us with a stronger desire to connect in a more meaningful way.

"Let's come together with resilience, fortitude, compassion, and serve in such a way that strengthens relationships and inspires action!" Sonia claimed.

Once she fully understood the meaning of the (The Empowered Woman), she transformed and positioned herself to lead unapologetically; there is nothing stopping her! She is awakened to her divine purpose. She will confidently rise with conviction and lead herself, influence her community, and leave a global legacy.

"Let's rise as chosen women leaders to transform cities, communities and nations" (Sonia Hassey)

Your three power words for WEE Global Live are: Community- Support- Action

Her role as a lead ambassador will model what ambassadors and champions can do with their participation and communicate the key plans of action for the rest of the year. Roxana also shared, "this year of a pandemic is a year where true leaders must rise in every space of life. Women must be present in impacting change and guiding how our local and global communities respond and rebuild a thriving society that includes women at every level. We need to be a part of this, and our team is ready. Sonia is ready."

How can people get involved this year?

Ms. Hassey is looking forward to starting the communication with WEE Global leaders. She is planning this year's day of action with the coordinating team. Activities will be posted in the private Facebook group for ambassadors, via email, and coordinating calls will be scheduled in the upcoming month.

If you were a recent ambassador, partner, or speaker in the last three years. We will have an application ready to fill out and update your information, short bio, projects, and many other details. This year is a critical year for the women's global agenda through the Beijing+25 anniversary. We want to have great detail about what you are doing or planning for women's empowerment this 2020 and beyond.

There will be plenty of opportunities for participation virtually. Stay tuned, stay active on our social media, and help us welcome Sonia as our ambassador lead.

Check out the Ambassador section for updates and instructions this month of August 2020. 


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